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Charlton Central Streets

About us - How we began

We started off when a small group of people through the Charlton Central Residents' Association decided to form a Law and Order Action Group to promote a safer community in our neighbourhood. We had all had negative experiences as a result of criminal activity and decided to get together and do something about it. When we consulted other residents we realised that a lot of other people also cared about community safety and wanted to make central Charlton a friendlier, safer place to live. That is why we launched the Charlton Central Neighbourhood Watch (CCNW) in 2009. The Charlton Central Neighbourhood Watch is an organisation of about 200 residents living in the 13 roads that make up the Charlton Central area.

We now have a small group called the Community Safety Action Group (CSAG) that represents the views of the CCNW on the Management Committee of the Charlton Central Residents Association. This helps when considering issues of safety that cut across some of the other CCRA Action Groups (Environment, Planning etc.).


We have a number of Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators who make contact with people in their streets and those around them. The Co-ordinators meet regularly to feed back on local concerns that have been brought to their attention. This enables us to get a bigger picture of what is happening in the area and to decide what can be done to improve the situation. Whether it's worries about anti-social behaviour or a lost mobile phone, your nearest Co-ordinator is on hand to offer help and information.

We are in contact with the local Safer Neighbourhood Team and one of our members attends their regular panel meetings. We have developed a communication system that delivers information to residents via email or hard copy. We produce INSTANT ALERTS to inform people of immediate problems and our bi-monthly UPDATE Newsletter reports on longer term issues and gives information on a range of topics concerned with community safety. We also keep a log of reported incidents and advise those affected how to proceed, helping to put them in touch with the best people to support them.

Our Watch has been set up to promote community cohesion. Research has shown that a strong neighbourhood watch can reduce crime in an area. We hope CCNW contributes to a reduction in crime but this is not our only aspiration. We promote good neighbourliness by keeping residents in touch with aspects of community safety. We provide a conduit for the exchange of information between residents themselves and with our local Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT).




If you join up to te sheme you can help others by keeping an eye out for your neighbours and their property. Hopefully they will be doing the same for you. You can find out how to protect yourself and your property, as well as reporting on and finding out what other people think about the activity in your area ranging from the simply annoying to the deeply unsettling. Join us today because by working together we can make Charlton Central a safer and happier place to live.

You can;

  • keep an eye out for your neighbours and property (they will be doing the same for you);
  • find out how to protect yourself and your property;
  • report on and find out what other people think about your area.
  • We are interested in hearing about any concerns ranging from the simply annoying to the deeply upsetting.

    Instant Alerts

    17/03/2021 - Warning from the Health & Safety Executive - Scam Email

    Please be aware of a bogus email that is being circulated about HSE COVID spot checks and inspections. The spam email comes from a non HSE email address and the signatory is Mark J Burrows (this is not a member of HSE staff).

    If you receive one of these emails, please do not open attachments or click on any links, and delete the email.

    NEVER open attachments or links in unsolicited emails

    NEVER give out personal information

    DELETE spam emails from your mailbox

    Scammers want your name, date of birth & current or previous address to commit identity theft.

    With it they can:

    Open bank accounts

    Obtain credit cards/loans & benefits

    Order goods/mobile phone contracts

    Take over existing accounts

    Obtain a passport & driving license


    Protect others by reporting incidents like this. If you, or anyone you know, have been affected by this fraud or any other scam, report it to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040 or visiting

    REPORTING to Trading Standards Tel. 0208 921 8223 or email:

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