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Charlton Central Streets

Benefits of Membership

CCNWatch covers 13 streets in the central Charlton area. It is a free, voluntary organisation, encouraging neighbours to look out for each other, develop community spirit, have a collective stronger voice in their community and work together to protect their community and report suspicious people/incidents to the police.

But there are also other benefits of being a member of CCNWatch.

The CCNWatch:

  • acts as a deterrent to burglars, car thieves and unscrupulous door-to-door callers, it is proven that there is less crime in Neighbourhood Watch areas (Home Office figures);
  • encourages neighbours to communicate with, and look out for, one another and to work together;
  • supports and give guidance on personal and household security;
  • encourages local residents to work with local officers and the SNT to tackle community issues;
  • reduces fear of crime;
  • produces UPDATES on general community safety issues and INSTANT ALERTS for urgent events that residents need to know about;
  • enables residents to access discounted Home Insurance through most insurance companies;
  • Membership is FREE.

If you would like to join the Charlton Central Neighbourhood Watch scheme, or would like more information on it, please see Contact Us

As of September 2011, there were 181 registered Neighbourhood Watch schemes operating across 16 of the 18 police wards in the borough. The Royal Borough of Greenwich Neighbourhood Watch Association is the umbrella organisation of all Neighbourhood Watch Schemes operating in the Borough.

Instant Alerts

20/05/2019 - We have been asked to get in touch with you regarding the current spike in burglaries in the area. Some of you may be aware that there has been a worrying upward trend in burglaries over the last month. They have a similar modus operandii with burglars 'garden hopping' late at night or in the early hours (1.00 am and 5.00 am). They often use tools taken from insecure sheds. The police are undertaking additional patrols in our area. In the last week they have deployed helicopters and police dogs in pursuit of suspects. They urge everyone to help their inquiries by doing the following:
A- if you hear a helicopter hovering overhead please DO NOT go out into your garden or the street to see what is going on. This is seriously hampering operations that rely on a helicopter tracking someone at a time when normally there are very few residents outside.
B- please do not interfere or approach a working police dog. This again is seriously hampering the police at work.
We all want to apprehend these villains and complying with a) and b) above will be a great help to the police.
Can you please spread the word on this to all your friends, neighbours or through your networks so we can really support the police in protecting. us. Thank you for our co-operation.

REPORTING to Trading Standards
Tel. 0208 921 8223 or email

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