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17/05/2018 -

Royal Greenwich Trading Standards have been made aware of a Distraction Burglary in the SE7 area.

A lady was cold called by a male who showed her ID, he claimed to be from the Fire Brigade and wanted to check the smoke alarm.  He went upstairs and took the battery out but could not put it back in. The male then went downstairs leaving the female upstairs.

He then stole her purse and handbag before leaving the property. The female was 78 years of age.

If you are cold called by anyone claiming to be from the Fire Brigade and you are unsure, its always best to confirm their identity by calling the phone number on their ID badge, this number will be 0208 555 1200 which is the London Fire Brigade (LFB), genuine staff from the LFB will be happy to wait while this is done. You should take precautions where you can, for example using a chain on your door if possible. If you are concerned and feel under pressure contact the police on 999, please report any incident like this to Trading Standards using the phone number below.


Protect others by reporting incidents like this.

If the matter is urgent or the traders are still there, report this to Royal Greenwich Trading Standards as soon as it happens on 0208 921 8223.

Otherwise, call the Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 04 05 06 (Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm) or report it to them by email at: http://www.citizensadvice. consumer_service.htm


REPORTING to Trading Standards
Tel. 0208 921 8223 or email

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